@JohnKoepi backend system engineer


Ivan Prisyazhnyy.

Linux open source backend engineer, passionate about Distributed Systems, Open Source, Programming Paradigms, and Storage engines.

My hobby is reverse engineering and learning. I am fan of Twitter, Facebook, Google and Amazon OSS, Unix, Colemak, Vim/Emacs and mechanical keyboards.

I am fond of fitness and boxing, the same much I am trying to fit my perfectionism into reasonable constraints.

p.s. :w

Profound podcasts

  • DevZen - dist systems and various stuff
  • Razbor Poletov - mostly ru java community
  • CppCast - awesome podcast by cpp developers for cpp developers
  • Soft Skills Engineering - great humor and soft skills bump from 2 guys
  • Advance Tech Podcast - great interviews with great people
  • Bananas and Lenses - Haskell carry
  • DevOps Cafe
  • Giant Bombcast
  • Noise Security Bit
  • Programming Throwdown

Other podcasts

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