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Distributed systems problem - banks

This continues a series of problems in a field of distributed systems to be solved to learn or for discussing at interviews. Previous one is available here. The lack of precise formulation of the tasks adds to the number of possibilities to consider when thinking about solutions.


Part 1

Create a program that behaves like a bank and exposes following API:

  • POST /create/:account: - create new account
  • GET /account/:account:/balance - returns current account balance
  • POST /transfer/local {“from”, “to”, “amount”} - transfers money

Objectives are:

  1. Don’t lose money
  2. Be thread safe
  3. Be crash-tolerant.

Part 2

Let’s assume there are many independent banks. Each bank has its own unique ID and they want to make transfers between each other. Implement protocol and cross-bank transfers.

  • POST /config [{id: address}]
  • POST /transfer/international {“from”, “to”, “amount”}

Let’s assume banks can not have correspondent accounts.

Describe what can go wrong and what ways of solving it are there?

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